Photonics Convergence Industry Road Show 2019

Event name  
2019 Gwangju Photonics Industry Promising Technology Road Show and Buyer Invitation Export Fair
Date 2019. 11. 27 (Wed) - 11. 28 (Thu) (2 days)
Location Fisrt Exhibition Hall, Kim Dae-jun Convention Center
Organized by Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea Association For Photonics Industry Development
Sponsor Korea Photonics Technology Institute and domestic and overseas photonics institutes and organizations
Scale 100 companies and institutions, 150 booths
Foreign Buyer Invitation Export Fair 

200 buyers from 25 countries

Consultation amount 200 billion won

Major Event

- Gwangju Photonics Industry Promising Technology Road Show

- Domestic and Foreign Buyer Invitation Export Fair

- Relevant Organization Seminar (Korea Photonics Technology Institute, ETRI) and Presentation

- Technical Transfer Presentation of Photonics Industry Support Organization

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